Der Verdienst

Ten specific benefits of making tsa tsas:

One achieves a perfect rebirth - with perfect body, senses, limbs, and so on.
One achieves perfect surroundings, and is able to fulfill all wishes in benefiting other beings. The surroundings are harmonious with your mind and you are surrounded by people who support your practice. Otherwise, one cannot practice Dharma.
One actualizes pure morality (moral conduct). Without this, one cannot achieve the path.
One generates devotion towards one's teachers and the Buddhas.
One generates courage (perseverance) - the supreme courage to do things in public to benefit others.
One is reborn in the human or deva (god) realm to benefit others.
One achieves the bodhisattva arya's path of accumulation.
One achieves the bodhisattva arya's path of seeing, where delusions and defilements cease. On this path, one stops creating karma, is freed from delusion and karma, and thus is freed from cyclic existence and rebirth. In tantra, the arya's path means one has attained the wisdom of direct perception of emptiness.
One achieves the path of meditation.
One achieves the path of no more learning, where one is totally freed from rebirth, old age, sickness, and death, and attains a spiritual body. One will achieve the actualization of the body, speech and mind of enlightenment.

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